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Our free and confidential hotline is available day and night. If you find yourself in need of someone to talk to, call and connect to a trusted counselor.

Response 24/7 Crisis Hotline

The Response crisis intervention/referral hotline is open every day of the year, day and night, including holidays.

Professionally trained and supervised counselors offer callers telephone support and help them to explore options that allow them to think through their next steps. This counseling helps callers lower their anxiety and find their own solutions. Crisis counselors also provide referrals for support groups, clinicians, mental health clinics, other hotlines and a host of other community programs and services.

Response Hotline is available 24/7 at (631) 751-7500

Call Now (631) 751-7500

988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline

As an agency certified by the American Association of Suicidology, Response Crisis Center answers these toll-free hotlines 24/7 for Long Island residents. We also serve as back up for national calls to these lifesaving lines.

Hear2Help™ Online Crisis Counseling

Our online crisis counseling chat line, Hear2Help is readily available Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 7PM - 11PM.

Since so many people find the internet a convenient and comfortable way to reach out, we offer crisis counseling online through our website. Callers can chat privately with a Response counselor about any subject and receive the same compassion, referrals, and advocacy that they would find on our hotline. Click here to learn more about Hear2Help.

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Response Support Line

Response has always recognized the needs of those who are socially isolated and experiencing chronic loneliness.

It's challenging for a crisis hotline to keep the phones open for those in urgent need and still be available to those who frequently feel alone. That's why, in 1980, Response's Support Line was born. Support Line counselors, volunteers selected and trained through the same process as hotline counselors, are assigned a caseload and come to know their callers well. Due to their frequent telephone contact, counselors are attuned to changes in their callers' moods and can recommend community resources when it appears that they are needed. In this way, they help resolve crises early on, and reduce the risk of self-injurious behavior and hospitalization. When appropriate, counselors advocate for callers to help meet their needs.

Call Now (631) 751-7500

Conexión Spanish Hotline

We have expanded our crisis counseling services to include Conexión, a hotline for Spanish-speaking families.

Offered by Response Crisis Center and funded by Suffolk County, Conexión is a bilingual hotline serving our Hispanic community by providing telephone support for people in crisis. Call our counselors to talk through your difficulties, anxiety or pain. Calls may be about any challenge, such as making a home in a new country, forming friendships, finding work, struggling with depression and many others. There is a wide array of bilingual services available in Suffolk, and Conexión counselors provide referrals as necessary. Click here to learn more about Conexión.

Conexión can be reached at 631-751-7423 Monday-Friday, from 5-10pm.

Call Now (631) 751-7423

Runaway Hotline

With the second highest missing child rate in New York, Long Island needs services that address the issues of runaway and street-involved youth. The 24/7 Runaway Hotline provides crisis intervention counseling and emergency housing assistance for runaway, homeless, "throwaway" and maltreated youth. Runaway youth come from all racial, ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds. Many come from unhealthy home environments. Others feel alienated from their families and find it difficult to talk about important issues. Reaching out and breaking the silence is the first step toward finding a safe alternative.

Call Now 1-800-RUNAWAY

LIRR Suicide Prevention

Response has joined forces with the Long Island Railroad to provide suicide prevention services on a dedicated telephone hotline that is advertised at LIRR train stations and platforms for callers who are in emotional distress or feeling suicidal. Callers connect with trained counselors who can provide immediate assistance and referrals to support services or emergency intervention.

Call Now (877) 582-5586