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New York's Major Breakthrough in Mental Health Education

Breaking The Stigma and Encouraging Understanding

New York has taken the lead on enforcing mental health education in elementary, middle, and high schools. On July 1, 2018, New York schools will be required to administrate educational classes that provide a wide range of resources and skills that help students recognize, cope with, and understand potential mental health concerns.

" Each year, more than 150,000 kids between 10 and 24 are treated for self-inflicted injuries in the ER, and one in 12 teens have attempted suicide. Of those who die from suicide, 90 percent experienced mental illness."
- Abby Haglage (Yahoo Lifestyle)

This vital, history-making insight will prove to be beneficial for children, adolescents, and young adults that struggle with mental illnesses themselves, or are in the company of individuals that need assistance. Educating our children on the severity and commonality of mental illness will pave the way for future generations to break the mental health stigma, understand that there is no shame in admittance, and recognize a clear path to recovery.

For Response Crisis Center, this breakthrough in mental health literacy strengthens our mission to educate our community on the severe requirement for mental health awareness in our schools. We must capitalize on the strengths of each individual and break the stigma associated with any and all types of mental illness.

To read more about New York State's Legislative History and Intent for Mental Health Implementation, click here.